fall from grace

What is it with celebrities, people in position of power and the not so famous but extremely rich people? They reach the height of their success in their career. Position, power,clout and whatever other perks that come with money somehow becomes difficult for the human brain to handle and crash! So many of them come tumbling down. Tiger Woods, Lindsay Lohan, Bernie Maddof, O.J. Simpson, Mark Sanford, Charlie Sheen and countless others who have everything but make mistakes that bring them down. Do some human beings have a problem handling success? Is it that they feel untouchable that they resort to fraud,shoplifting, drugs, womanizing etc?

Dr. Jason Plaks, a social psychologist at the University of Toronto and Kristin Stecher, a research scientist at the University of Washington, found that those who thought of their capabilities as fixed were more likely to become anxious and disoriented when faced with dramatic success, causing their subsequent performance to plummet, compared to those who thought of their abilities as changeable.
Ironically, the people in the limelight are the ones who think they will not get caught which is again a misjudgment on their part. Handling of success is also an art that need to be learned while you are climbing up the success ladder.