Brake Please!!!

I keep reminding myself to write shorter sentences. It is fairly easier to write long-winded sentences. Because they follow your thought process. Thoughts come in your mind as you write.

Braking the sentences sometimes can lead to an idea getting lost. But shorter sentences have more impact.

There are ways to cut short a sentence. The most talked about is where you use less or no adjectives without taking away from the text. Rather making the text more effective.

Mark Twain – “Substitute “damn” every time you want to use the word “very.” Twain’s thought was that your editor would delete the “damn,” and leave the writing as it should be. The short version: eliminate using the word “very.”

For example: He moved the big boulder with the sheer force of his two muscular hands all the while grunting, screaming, sighing and panting heavily like a warrior in a battlefield.

When you use scissors for this sentence, you will get: He moved the boulder(a boulder is big anyways) with his hands (he could move the boulder. Proof of his strength. Two hands – redundant) while grunting and panting heavily like a warrior in a battlefield.

From 29 words this sentence is now 18 words and some of you might be able to shorten it even more.

When Ernest Hemingway was challenged to write something in six words, he wrote: For Sale: baby shoes, never used.

In his autobiographical work,’The story of my experiments with Truth’,Mohandas K. Gandhi writes short sentences and that was his writing style.

“There are some things known only to oneself and one’s maker. These are clearly incommunicable. The experiments I am about to relate are not such. But they are spiritual or rather moral; for the essence of religion is morality.” – Mahatma Gandhi in ‘The story of my experiments with Truth’

All these sentences are succinct. But they contain a world of meaning.

Informally, in blogs or even in novels, sometimes verb-less sentences are used. The browser might put a squiggly red line which says that it is fragment but these type of short sentences also convey a lot-effectively.

In case you haven’t noticed. I have tried my best to use short sentences in this post.