I carved a Pumpkin

Deluxe Accommodation

I made three triangles
Two that could see and one that could breathe
My architectural debut was complete.
I set it up for display.
A realtor flew in
put up an open house sign
as if on cue, hundreds swarmed in
The property was considered premium.

There was no attorney review
The clients moved right in.
Maintenance was not a priority
They ate the interior clean,
this softened the exterior
and my pumpkin dropped in a heap,
Smashed, bug  eaten and too disgusting.


Recommended Reads

Short stories that engenders a torrent of emotions in me,are the ones I remember the most. What do you like in a short story?

Here are the links to  a few of my favorites:





Interpreter of Maladies by Jhumpa Lahiri

Happy Reading!

Weird and Wacky holidays?

Don’t know how but while surfing, I came across a weird website. Many days of the months are celebrated(don’t know by who) as something or the other. For e.g. October 14 th is Be Bald and Free Day. It is also Chocolate covered Insect Day.

A few days ago it was Name Your Car Day.  I wonder if the creators even remembers them.

Is there a way I can create a Day?

Here it goes! From now on, all writers of the world shall celebrate  a part of all 365 days writing. There! I did it!

I created a Holiday. Oops! Holidays!

lifelong impressions

Isn’t it great that you can read short stories in a short time and almost anywhere?  I read one while I was waiting in the pick up line at school and another one while my daughter was at ballet class the other day. Read it and get over with! Right? ……… Wrong!

Good short stories stay with you like memories, they keep reminding you of relationships, of time elapsed, of your responsibilities, of you not paying attention to your loved ones, of mundane activities like washing, climbing mountains(not really mundane) of grudges that you might have, of mourning,of praises for somebody. They are YOU.

Long after you read them, they linger in your psyche, some etch themselves  in your thoughts forever.

My next post will have links to some of the most beautiful short stories of our times.

Short Story Publications

Here is a list of small publications who accept submissions for short stories, memoirs, poetry and essays.

  1. Western Humanities Review
  2. The Georgia Review
  3. Virginia Quarterly Review
  4. Ploughshares
  5. The Southern Review
  6. Poetry Review
  7. American Poetry Review
  8. Fourth Genre
  9. Grand St.
  10. Zoetrope
  11. Connecticut Review
  12. Hudson Review
  13. Five Points
  14. Idaho Review
  15. Salmagundi
  16. Graywolf press
  17. Barrow St
  18. The Gettysburg Review
  19. Yale Review
  20. Pleides
  21. Cleveland State univ. Poetry center
  22. Mid American Review
  23. Tin House
  24. ORION
  25. The Kenyon Review
  26. New England Review
  27. AGNI
  28. American Scholar

Continuity is the key to success

I am a mom who loves to write with clear priorities as to what comes first in my life. Of course my kids and my writing takes a back seat. But I do find a lot of inspiration in their innocence. I do let them loose once in a while or loosen up myself, forget the spills and messes and put my BUTT IN CHAIR and write.

I do not always have a set topic on which to write. I just sit and type and thoughts and words keep forming in my brain and make my fingers type away the corresponding words.

I mostly write adult short stories. I have lived in three different continents for a substantial number of years in each one for me to absorb their culture and habits. I use that multicultural experience to enrich my stories, where most of the characters are either from different races or have interaction with people from different hemispheres.

I am a member of Women Who Write, Inc. for a number of years and also have a keen interest in writing children’s picture book stories.