Declutter your mind – practical and soulful tips – By iReikiNow

This blog post originally appeared on iReikiNow and is reprinted with permission. Declutter your mind – practical and soulful tips

iReikiNow is a Reiki/ meditation/ spiritual practice that has been established by Nidhi Idnani.Nidhi is a Certified Reiki Master and Teacher of Usui/Tibetan Reiki, following the teachings of Mikao Usui (founder of the Usui System of Reiki) through the International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT), a Chakra Wellness Expert and a Meditation coach.

To all my writer friends out there – the pointers given in this post are beneficial when you as a writer have too many thoughts germinating in your brain and they are killing each other or when you need to toss out your  ‘darlings’ (choicest sentences/paras etc.), or when you need that calm demeanor to provide your character with more dimension. Read on:

Declutter your mind – practical and soulful tips – By Nidhi Idnani of iReikiNow

We all suffer from mental chatter, the rush of words, the supersonic speed of thoughts, which lead to hastened reactions. This is precisely the time when we need to put our thought breaks on. Give yourself permission to stop for a moment,  and create some mental space by following these tips below. Just BREATHE…



  • Be present: Breathe deeply and be present in the moment. Do whatever it takes to clear your head and calm yourself – whether it is breathing exercises, meditation or staying in silence.
  • Rest: Sleep is imperative. It will sharpen your attention, improve your memory, improve your health, reduce stress and help your overall well being.
  • Exercise: Whether it’s a walk in the park, yoga or a sport you enjoy, get up and move your body. Let those endorphins release in your body, boost your immune system, take control of your health, and enjoy the positivity it brings along.
  • Attention on one thing – Stop multi-tasking. Embrace single-tasking. Adopt actionable goals. It will help you focus better, and it will boost your time management skills. Completing one task at a time builds your confidence, which will only help you to achieve success and will raise your happiness quotient.
  • Thankful – Remember the good times and and count your blessings. Maintain a gratitude journal. Very soon you will realize that you have much to be thankful for.
  • Have a to do list: Use an app/ tool to save your list. Save your appointments (and the reminders) on your calendar. Fewer ideas will slip away and you will tend to get a lot done. Finally, organizing and recording your tasks helps you to prioritize what is most important to you.
  • Eliminate the non-essentials: This can be a blog post in itself J but let’s list the most important –
  • The materialistic: Often we clutter our closets with unnecessary purchases or with products we don’t need anymore. Donate items you don’t need and organize your house.
  • The thought: Waste thoughts and negative thoughts creep up in our minds and take up a lot of space. Let go of the worries, anxieties, fears and all that does not serve you. The past is over and fretting about the future does not help. Take ownership of your thoughts. You have the power to choose positive thoughts.
  • Social media/ TV/ Phone: While there are many benefits to social media/ TV and the phone, we have become a culture where countless hours are spent on the same. External noise is inversely related to inner peace. So go ahead and put your phone away for a certain period everyday.  Find joy in the quiet.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to detox your mind.

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Prachi Jain

Prachi Jain has lived in three different parts of the world and her exposure to various cultures is evident in her short stories and memoirs. She also writes prose poetry.

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