short stories, lifelong impressions

Reconnecting With Mira


Subject:  I Am Sorry


I have been thinking about you for a long time and today when I write to you I feel I should have done that long ago. I dream often of how we were 20 years ago. You and I walking to school together moving our long braided hair from side to side; buying fresh tamarind from street vendors in spite of our mothers’ warnings that they were not healthy.

You and I filling recipes sheets for our Home Science assignments but never cooking anything;  eating fried, fluffed up balls of flour with spiced water at the stall outside our school and always complaining that our mothers didn’t let us wear short skirts or go to the movies alone.

When laugh lines appear they also bring courage to admit our mistakes and a yearning for the past. Mira, I finally have the courage and maturity to apologize to you….

Please visit the or the link below to read the entire story.


Reconnecting with Mira by Prachi Jain

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