Who gave you the rose?

I came home with a single red rose-bud sitting taut on a very long stem. The edges of the petals were curled down ever so slightly and the shading there was a lighter red. Perfect rose standing in a test tube of  some rose nurturing elixir. I was elated. I placed that one rose in a vase big enough to hold a dozen roses that I ceremoniously get on Birthdays and Anniversaries like those mass mailers.  But this one was more dear to me like that one occasional rebate check and so I stepped back to admire it. My daughter looked at my quizzically which she does when she thinks smartness reduces after 40. Then she asked me the question – Mom, who gave you this rose?

She knows I will not buy a single rose. She knows that I don’t get that one choicest piece ever.

Hmm! I told her I got it from the doctor’s office which was true. “How come doctors give roses?” She asked. I told her I had to go to a special doctor and they like to give out roses. While I was answering her I could not help but smile at the fact that then when you get to 40 and you still get a rose, it is usually after a mammogram.


Published by

Prachi Jain

Prachi Jain has lived in three different parts of the world and her exposure to various cultures is evident in her short stories and memoirs. She also writes prose poetry.

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