Short Story Publications

Here is a list of small publications who accept submissions for short stories, memoirs, poetry and essays.

  1. Western Humanities Review
  2. The Georgia Review
  3. Virginia Quarterly Review
  4. Ploughshares
  5. The Southern Review
  6. Poetry Review
  7. American Poetry Review
  8. Fourth Genre
  9. Grand St.
  10. Zoetrope
  11. Connecticut Review
  12. Hudson Review
  13. Five Points
  14. Idaho Review
  15. Salmagundi
  16. Graywolf press
  17. Barrow St
  18. The Gettysburg Review
  19. Yale Review
  20. Pleides
  21. Cleveland State univ. Poetry center
  22. Mid American Review
  23. Tin House
  24. ORION
  25. The Kenyon Review
  26. New England Review
  27. AGNI
  28. American Scholar

Published by

Prachi Jain

Prachi Jain has lived in three different parts of the world and her exposure to various cultures is evident in her short stories and memoirs. She also writes prose poetry.

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