Writing in Sequence


Many writers who write long pieces either write in sequential order or write random parts and bring them together. Their writing may resemble either a mechanical march forward or  a more circuitous path leading sometime back to the beginning. A narrow alley sometime may lead their work to the end. They then come back and work on the middle.


Those who defy this sequence give reign to their untrammeled thought process. Their writing is impulsive, brash and unedited – just flowing, not knowing the direction or the destination. The mood of the woods prevail and the woods have always smelled different. A tad bit fresher. Haven’t they?


On the other hand, the calculated and sequential mode generates fluency and perfection. Not to say that the brash and wild mode does not beget perfection. But there is a carved way that the sequential writer uses and by walking on it, he or she follows the path that has been traveled previously – the known territory. That writer has a calculated and tunneled approach and a distinct vision of the end. That kind of writing follows a set course, not deviating and thereby not tangled in the wild beauty of the woods.


Usually as we grow older as a writer, we tend to follow a formula and a logic whereas younger writers don’t. Their writing is not marred by rules.  Even their serious writing may have a dragon who eats corn and farts popcorn and they have the ability to make their readers believe it.  It is usually this breath of fresh air that achieves more readers’ attention than the kind of writing seen earlier.





Reconnecting With Mira

From:  janya@yahoo.com
To:  miracares@yahoo.com

Subject:  I Am Sorry


I have been thinking about you for a long time and today when I write to you I feel I should have done that long ago. I dream often of how we were 20 years ago. You and I walking to school together moving our long braided hair from side to side; buying fresh tamarind from street vendors in spite of our mothers’ warnings that they were not healthy.

You and I filling recipes sheets for our Home Science assignments but never cooking anything;  eating fried, fluffed up balls of flour with spiced water at the stall outside our school and always complaining that our mothers didn’t let us wear short skirts or go to the movies alone.

When laugh lines appear they also bring courage to admit our mistakes and a yearning for the past. Mira, I finally have the courage and maturity to apologize to you….

Please visit the http://www.vendingmachinepress.com or the link below to read the entire story.



We bid adieu to 2013 more than a month ago. In the first few weeks of 2014, most of us have made mental ledgers of our achievements and morbid lists of our failures of the past year.  The pragmatic ones among us have quickly rejoiced or sulked, whatever the case may be, and moved on to what the New Year, 2014, will bring for us.

martinsWhether Martians like it or not, we are sending cargo to Mars in 2014. Thank Goodness we are checking out their hospitality before sending humans.

Mind controlled exoskeletons will be used this year for the first time by a paralyzed teen to start  the World Cup in Brazil. It is controlled by electrical signals of the brain and reads the electrodes that are placed on the surface of the head or directly in the brain. The exoskeleton will support the lower part of the body and enable the paralyzed wearer to walk using wireless electrodes attached to the head that collect brainwaves, which then signal the suit to move.

This  to me is  the best news of the New Year.

Oh ! you must have heard  the 103, 445, 364, 445, 345 google times told punch line,  ‘God created Earth . . . and then Google took over! ‘

Google Glass is going to change the world – once more.  You wear the device on your head like a headband and voila! You are all set to do a multitude of amazing things. Speak to take a picture, share, record, translate and ask. Basically, have a personal assistant except it is going to sit on your head.


Petroleum will start wooing us soon if cars like Hyundai bring us hydrogen and oxygen powered cars and only take a couple of minutes to refuel.  They will also be fast.


Other things fast and furious will be faster and more furious.  For all the advancements in technology, we will still have 24 hours in a day. Bu since we can achieve more in less time now, we would  want to do more.  All this has and will lead to more multitasking and hyper efficiency. We will use all our senses to their optimum so we don’t waste a second.

We will also be more conscious of invasion of privacy. Some of us though will still order private drones from Amazon to invade someone else’s.

We will be increasingly be aware of our diets and exercise regimens but less about the peace of mind. We will continue to be astonished at our minds’ capacity to ponder over a thing for a long time.

Words like “Selfies” and “Twerk” might make us cringe with their overuse. Maybe we will start using other words that make us roll our tongue more but make us say it quicker like ‘sup’ for ‘what is up ?’or  ‘totes ‘for ‘totally.’

You can’t really tell how this new year will un-word itself.

The New Year will give us more outrageous fashion statements by the likes of lady Gaga, unbelievable political scandals to mull over for half a day when something else will come along and a city-load of technological information to process. We just hope it will keep us looking forward to groundbreaking news like  a space concert in the next year.

Looking forward to the rest of the year!

I Resolved To . . . .

The first time I learnt what a New Year’s Resolution was, it was already a couple of weeks into the New Year and by then I had already admitted to all who asked that I did not have one. When I was made to realize  my so-called gaffe as if I had breached a law mandated by those crazy teen years, the earth under my feet shook but refused to swallow me.

Henceforth every December, I worked hard to make resolutions just so I have them at the ready when someone asks on the first day of the New Year. To my deep chagrin, I learnt that resolutions are easier to make than to follow. Among my top ones were: not getting a frequent hair cut and letting my hair grow long; keeping the A’s; learning to not feel bad when not invited to some of the cool birthday parties; and coming up with fitting rebuttals as soon as someone said something and not in the deep echelons of my comforter when mom thought I sleep talked. Of course I made more than one resolution every year for different audiences and some only for myself. Those were innocent vows, easy to keep up with and equally easy to drop.

As I grew up, I realized there was nothing wrong with not having a resolution ready, nothing wrong with having a private one and nothing wrong with not having one at all. Some years I still don’t have an answer to The Great Resolution Question but now I am not embarrassed just because so many others have one.

Now I make goals that I can achieve in a few hours or a few weeks and bit by bit, I aim to grow, to reach and to learn what I haven’t up till now. I would be proud of myself if I can start each day with peace in my heart.

Happy New Year to all of you! New Year 2012 High Quality Images and Wallpapers-24

Who gave you the rose?

I came home with a single red rose-bud sitting taut on a very long stem. The edges of the petals were curled down ever so slightly and the shading there was a lighter red. Perfect rose standing in a test tube of  some rose nurturing elixir. I was elated. I placed that one rose in a vase big enough to hold a dozen roses that I ceremoniously get on Birthdays and Anniversaries like those mass mailers.  But this one was more dear to me like that one occasional rebate check and so I stepped back to admire it. My daughter looked at my quizzically which she does when she thinks smartness reduces after 40. Then she asked me the question – Mom, who gave you this rose?

She knows I will not buy a single rose. She knows that I don’t get that one choicest piece ever.

Hmm! I told her I got it from the doctor’s office which was true. “How come doctors give roses?” She asked. I told her I had to go to a special doctor and they like to give out roses. While I was answering her I could not help but smile at the fact that then when you get to 40 and you still get a rose, it is usually after a mammogram.

Post Sandy

Sandy had a deep emotional effect on me like the one where nothing, not even retail therapy does the trick. I couldn’t have ventured to go shopping anyways with my eyes bulging out of their sockets and my hair with multiple layers of frizz like I just got electrocuted. I looked so unkempt; you would find the Castaway star Tom Hanks better groomed. His ordeal gave him a lean body; mine gave me a rounder one. I guess I wanted to retain all the body heat so I ate and sat . . . and  . . . waited!

I waited while my neighbors all conjured up their ‘genies.’ Yes, those that make the loud noise but don’t materialize out of thin air and ask, “What may I do for you master?” but the ones that guzzles gasoline and power a few light bulbs in the house. I however was in favor of roughing it out for the first week in the freezing house. I wanted my kids to know how to live without turning on the T.V. and other gadgets but just on day two my kids caught me on Face book using precious phone battery. Couldn’t help it! I had to be connected to the world.

From taking it in stride to striding to the gas station with a can in hand on those even number days when my odd number car was ostracized from the gas station, I lost my adventurous spirit.  Soon I felt like attaching myself to an electric pole to light it up but realized my chilled bones would probably turn the wires into icicles.

Sandy State of Mind was killing me. Matching clothes, blow drying, a nice warm house, electric blankets, waking up with warmth, my hallucinations knew no bounds.

I wished the school would call to tell me that they would gladly take my kids in school and that I should relax, go to a spa, get a hot foot massage but then I would jolt back to the dark and cold house.

And then it happened! Half of our street got electricity. They displayed their power unashamedly and that evening I decided I couldn’t stand their glimmer. So I went to sleep the night at a friend’s place. The warmth of the friend’s house extended my stay to four nights.

When power was finally restored to my house, I gingerly turned on the light switch lest it crumbled like a cookie and I were without it again.

“How do I look in this new outfit?” A not too close friend asked the other day. Truth be told or truth be withheld? I had so many answers to her question. Hideous! Abominable! Shocking! Totally ridiculous!

I looked at her and said, “Interesting!”

What a wonderful word! I felt good. I did not insult her nor did I lie.

Interesting can have both positive and negative connotations. I used it positively to handle a could-have-been negative situation which could have had a horrible consequence – my broken jaw.

 We hear of an interesting artwork which depicts something fancy like a pail and a mop. Or an interesting movie that no one understands but bags all the awards under some weird but interesting category.

So what is so interesting about the word ‘interesting’?

 It is an all-encompassing word. The fix-it-all word when all adjectives leave you. Use it to genuinely praise something, or genuinely escape a situation where you are unable to lie.

Usage – When you are faced with uncertainty, confusion, dislike and you are unable to express your true opinions.

1) Friend’s spiky hair cut – Interesting!

2) Botox gone wrong – Interesting!

3) Your boss’ new tie – Interesting!

4) Friend’s new boyfriend – Interesting!

 It is the diplomat of all words.

I know all my intelligent readers will have great adjectives to comment about this post but the word . . . you know it!


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